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  • Course of Study (ARTS STREAM): ( * indicates compulsory subject.)

    1. *English 2. *M.I.L. 3. *Environmental Education 4. Electives (4 Subjects)


    Students may choose either Garo M.I.L. or Alternative English as M.I.L.


    A candidate may offer any four subjects from the following, three as electives and one as an additional subject: 1. History 2.Garo 3. Political Science 4. Education 5. Economics/Sociology.

  • Offered Subjects

  • Ex: 2010 to 2014
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    1. 1 Passport Photo 2. Progress Report Card 3. School transfer Certificate 4. Birth Certificate (Note: Documents submitted to the school must be self-attested copy and not in original except for the transfer certificate.)
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    Student may chooseany one of the following subjects as M.I.L.
  • hereby solemnly declare that I will abstain from bad habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, the use of narcotic drugs, and alcoholic beverages. I will faithfully and promptly participate in any school work-education if called upon to do so. I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the school. I will follow school principles, including religious activities while in school. I am sound physically and mentally and I promise to uphold and respect the school authority and all the staff of the school. I will clear my fees regularly on due dates.
  • parents/guardians have read the rules of the school and will see that my ward will abide by them. I solemnly declare that the above-given particulars of are true and no changes will be demanded by me in the future. I shall pay the fees regularly and on time. My child/ward will not own cell phones or any electronic devices on the school premises.