New Admission (Class LKG – VIII)


Admission  is open for class LKG to VIII for the academic session 2021-2022


Documents to be submitted:

1. 1 Passport Photo 2. Mark sheet 3. Pass Certificate/provisional certificate

4. Transfer Certificate (for those students coming from other schools)

5. Migration Certificate (for student who are from different board)

(Note. Mark sheet and pass certificate to be submitted to the school must be self-attested copy, not the original. But the transfer certificate must be submitted in original.)

Text Book and Stationeries:

Students may purchase the text books from any book store. But if needed they may also place an order through the school’s store. It is mandatory that students use the school’s copy book available at school’s store.

Uniform for Boys:

1. Pant: Mixed grey color in regular fitting with double tacking in the front. A pant that is too tight or too loose is not allowed to be worn at school.

2. Shirt: Half sleeves cream color with school logo in the front pocket. Make sure that the shirt has a good collar fitting for necktie.

3. Blazer: Navy blue in color with school Logo on the front pocket.

4. Socks and Shoes: The shoes must be low heeled, black in color preferably of Bata or Liberty school shoes. Socks are of navy blue in color with two sky blue stripes in the cuff.

5. Hair Grooming: Boys should always trim their hair short. Application of hair gel, hair dye and any fancy hair styles are strictly prohibited.

6. PT/Wednesday Uniform: All the students must wear the house wise collar-jersey (polo shirt) without neck tie and mixed grey regular long pant on every Wednesday.

7. Neck Tie, belt and house wise jersey will be available at the school’s store.

Uniform for Girls:

1. Salwar Kameez: Light pink kameez and cream color pajamas. It should be common design with round neck.

2. Blazer and belt are same as boy’s uniform.

3. Black pump shoes without socks.

4. PT/Wednesday Uniform: Mixed grey color capri pant (quarter pant) with house wise collar-jersey (polo shirt), regular black pump shoes and regular school belt.

5. Hair grooming: Girls must always braid and tie their hair with sky blue rubber band and black hair clip. Colorful hair bands and other fancy hair clips are not permitted to wear in the school. Hair should be of natural color.

Information for the Hosteller:

The school provides hostel facilities for both boys and girls. Student who wants to enroll in the hostel should bring the following items besides their school uniform at the time of hostel admission.

1. Bible

2. Trunk box with lock and key.

3. Mattress

4. Mosquito net.

5. Pillow and Bed sheet

6. Mug and Bucket

7. Plate, cup and spoon

8. Formal dress for official occasion

9. Formal shoes.

10. Short pant

11. Sport dress

12. Cotton pant/Jeans and T Shirt for outing.

Attires with prints suggesting wrong messages are strictly prohibited.


* Residential Facilities Separately for Boys and Girls.

* Ideal Location for Peaceful Learning Environment.

* Holistic Approach to Character Building and Personality Development.

* Adequate Space for Sports and other Physical Activities.

* Co-Curricular Program for gaining confidence and leadership skill

* Active participation of Student in Effective Learning Activities.

* Multi-Ethnic Culture from the North East India, Enhancing Social Skill.

* Affordable Fee.

* Health Care with Visiting Doctors and Dentistry Services.

* School Bus for Transportation.

* Friendly and Dedicated Teachers from Different Parts of North East India.